A fraudulent blogger from Canada who “attacked” the Russian military on the front line was exposed

Twitter account of the “volunteer” from Canada, who allegedly fought on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was led by a fraudster, the RT Telegram channel reports.

During the special operation, the fraudster managed to gain 120,000 subscribers. He published fake footage allegedly taken by him in the combat zone, showed how “attacks” military of the Russian Federation and “rescues” life to his comrades.

It turned out that the “volunteer” posed with replica weapons. Subscribers were able to determine that the man used airsoft equipment.

It turned out that the scammer was indeed from Canada. This was set by the user at the IP address from which the “volunteer” tweeted.

After the exposure, the fraudster deleted his account.

Earlier it was reported that mercenaries captured in the battles for Lysichansk from Belarus, Yan Dziurbeyka and Sergey Degtev admitted that they were preparing to return to Belarus for a coup.

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