A3 Artists Agency Signs ‘Zombies 3’ Actor Terry Hu

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By Rosy Cordero

Rosy Cordero

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November 11, 2021 10:41am

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Courtesy of Alex Stone

EXCLUSIVE: A3 Artists Agency has signed rising talent Terry Hu.

After studying neuroscience at UCLA, Hu ended up deferring for a year to pursue acting. In that time, they submitted themselves to ABC’s nationwide digital talent search and ended up winning in November 2018. Hu then officially turned down school and began auditioning, landing a few short film roles including Americanized.

The Erica Eng-directed project, led by Hu, tells the story of a teen growing up in Oakland’s hip-hop movement who struggles to fit in. The story is  based on Eng’s life. The short film has been racking up awards while on the film festival circuit.

Up next, Hu will debut in the Disney Channel’s Zombies 3, the third and final installment of the Zombies original movie series based on the book Zombies & Cheerleaders from David Light and Joseph Raso. Their role heralds the first time Disney features a non-binary leading character in the channel’s history. Hu, a queer and nonbinary performer, will play the role of alien A-Spen.

Hu continues to be represented by Shushu Entertainment.

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