‘AGT: Extreme’: NBC Expects To Launch Reality Series In Midseason After On-Set Accident & Production Pause

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By Peter White

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November 12, 2021 11:41am

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Photo by Eliza Morris/NBC

AGT: Extreme, the spinoff of the long-running NBC hit, is expected to air in midseason despite a pause in production after a horrifying on-set accident.

The series shut down filming in Georgia after stuntman Jonathan Goodwin was crushed between two cars in a daredevil stunt that went wrong.

Frances Berwick, Chairman, Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, said the broadcast network still expects to be able to air it in a midseason slot, potentially on Sunday nights.

“We have an investigation ongoing into what actually happened but we do anticipate the show coming back in midseason. We have a lot of safety protocols in place and we have to conclude the investigation but we have certainly paused production for the time being,” she said.

The series, which is produced by Fremantle, is hosted by Terry Crews, alongside judges including Nikki BellaTravis Pastrana and Simon Cowell. It showcases outrageous and jaw-dropping daredevil acts with extreme contestants competing each week in a series of wild stunts.

Berwick said that there are a number of unscripted shows, also including the likes of The Wheel and L.A. Fire and Rescue, that could air on Sunday nights, which does not have any planned original programming after the NFL season ends.

“We’re actually taking a beat on our Sunday night schedule post Olympics. We have a number of unscripted shows that are in the pipeline and in production, some that we have actually completed production so we’re taking a beat to see the environment and see what goes in there. AGT: Extreme is one of those possibilities,” she added.

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