As California Reopens, Disneyland Sees Massive, Mostly Maskless And Non-Socially Distanced Crowds

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June 16, 2021 4:16pm


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Disneyland via Instagram

Disneyland opened its gates a bit more on Tuesday, but it was not enough. On the first day of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s California reopening, the Anaheim park was allowed to return to full capacity — and it was inundated with visitors.

While Disneyland officials — and those at many other parks in Southern California — repeatedly have said that park entry would require reservations, a massive line formed on the sidewalk of people who reportedly just showed up hoping to get in.

Update from the girl who posted this original video

— kells (@kelliwellii) June 16, 2021

Outside the front gate itself, more long lines clogged the plaza between Disneyland and California Adventure. According to photos posted online and one Disney blogger who was there, “The majority of people were maskless.”

What out-of-state, self-declared vaccinated crowds look like 😳 #Disneyland

— DisneyExaminer (@DisneyExaminer) June 15, 2021

Masks are only mandatory at the Anaheim park for the unvaccinated. The posted policy, which follows state recommendations says:

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Disneyland Announces No Masks Required For Fully Vaccinated Guests Starting Tuesday

Face coverings are not required for fully vaccinated Guests both indoors and outdoors. Guests (ages 2 and older) who are not fully vaccinated must continue wearing face coverings indoors, except when dining.

While Guests will not be required to show proof of vaccination, all Guests must attest that they are aware that: 1) the State of California strongly recommends that Guests be fully vaccinated or obtain a negative COVID-19 test prior to entering the Disneyland Resort, and (2) unvaccinated Guests must wear face coverings when indoors.

Also in accordance with California guidelines, Disneyland has relaxed its social-distancing rules, allowing “guests to self-determine distancing.” From photos taken inside the park, it looks as if many guests have determined that’s not an issue.

"At @Disneyland and it's like it's March 1, 2020. No masks, no physical distancing and jam packed for rope drop at Adventureland!" one parkgoer tweeted. (📸s: Shawn Burger, and Leslie Harvey)

— NBC Los Angeles (@NBCLA) June 16, 2021

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