Cadell – Boy Wonder Lyrics

(Have you ever seen a Ghost?)

I’ve been struggling, rummaging round again
But this time, I’m focused on me and me only
Love in my heart, there’s no need to be lonely
Gave ten friends my number, three phoned me
Now the ball’s in my court, I free throw
Feds stop me at Gatwick, Heathrow
And Stanstead, they know how wicked man get
I used to have a Bluetooth handset
On a pedal bike when I didn’t wanna get my phone out
And I was told to get a life
But then I got a life and when niggas tried to take it
I was told to get a knife
But then I got a Rambo, man know
I will not stop until I’ve got about like nine mil
I had a MAC-11 not a 9mm
Back when they charged four bills for a feature
But now, it’s a different pattern
Catch me slipping? It’s you that’s lacking
I’m the type to run away screaming out “watch what happens”
Till you watch what happens
And I don’t wanna sing on myself
But if he violates, I cannot not nab him
Just cause I say street shit on grime
Top boys say that I’ve not got talent

But f**k it, I don’t need talent
I know Wolfpack, I know Greenbangers
I was a yout them times they was teens jammin’
Never knew growing up I would be savage
But I’m older and tryna get rebalanced
End fools careers and make dreams happen..
.. Yeah, I end fools careers
And I know junkies who swap tools for gear
I don’t call my peers, too cool for beers
Went school with things, went colly with stuff
But I ain’t a clown, no Noddy with us
And if anyone hates, it’s probably cause I’m serious
And they’re in a comedy club
Move low in the spot, ain’t hotting it up
West end, 1Xtra, got on a bus
Still live way better than anyone 20 in London
f**k it, I’m hotting ’em up
The perks of being me is while you listen to this
You ain’t even heard the half of my list
You don’t know the cost
They’re street thugs, I’m the underboss
We come through like we do motocross
Talk ’bout God? You best hold your cross

Oh my gosh, they think I’m gonna backflip
Backfoot my back foot
I was doing tunes when they couldn’t even strap hooks
Strap what? Are you that shook?
Man don’t mug me, I am not fooled
I am not cool, don’t left hand spud me
You’ll get a left hand, then you’ll be looking
At your right hand man like “let’s go country”
And they can’t say what the boy wonder’s under
Can’t ever say what the don don’s on
Can’t say what the boy wonder’s under
Why? Cause I never, ever put a foot wrong
Can’t say what the boy, can’t say what the boy
From the bottom of her heart, she wants the boy
Outfit, leg and an arm, it cost the boy
I could harm your roster boy
Don’t try and sign to me, do your own ting
It will be better
Cause young black entrepreneurs that came from the mud
Only makes the scene better, nigga, be clever
And we can get money or beef
We can do whatever, in the zoo or whatever
Down here’s two two for a two of the stretcher
When it gets peak, I know you ain’t a seller
When it gets peak and I’m on empty
Till I’m facing death like it’s meant, G
In their vid, they stunt and get X3s
Me? I sell songs and get Ps
When they didn’t wanna know, they was hating
Now it’s all hashtag NP
Smoke so much
That my lungs are blacker than Benji

And I’m old school like MSN
Old school like Dre and Eminem
Old school like when most drinks in the shop were twenty pence
Old school like Blessed John Roache School and Tom Edison
Old school like no number, send me a BlackBerry then
Old school, man pulled up outside the rave and
Man weren’t getting in
Old school Nike SCs, got ’em in white and brown
Now my feet look like a fiend
Old school Roman Road white tee
We’re family, not a team, Bow bop and lean
They grow crops in dreams
Don’t believe in them lies
Man already paged them guys
Man are old school like when they never had green
That’s old school

Old school, man got an offer to Eton
But I was on the road eating
Old school, Senrab, I was not goalkeeping
Scored the goals and go sleeping
Old school, it was no McD’s
Go to the cafe, bacon and beans
Old school, I never had a clue what I was gonna do
I made a squad or two
But you’re either gonna succeed or you’re gonna shot weed
But you’re gonna have kids and they’re gonna want Ps
You’re gonna work hard and you’re gonna want sleep
But think of the future, it’s not that peak
Start of the year, I was on a long streak
End of the year, I’ll be on a long streak
And me and my team still Dre Day
We treat London like Long Beach
Red flag, blue flag, low rider
Got stopped- yeah, yeah

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