Dana Kippel’s Debut Sci-Fi Feature ‘Reflect’ To Begin Production In Sedona in December

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By Valerie Complex

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November 8, 2021 8:13pm

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Stephanie Nelson

Dana Kippel (Hellhounds, Escape to the Cove) will star and direct sci-fi thriller Reflect, a film she also wrote.  Kippel will produce through Crazy Carrot Films.  Michael DeLano of COTU Media will serve as executive producer.

Grace Patterson, Jadelyn Breier, Marissa Patterson, Ariana Williams, Corey Brooks, Eric Scott Woods, Dash Katz, Maya Knell, Ryan Jack Connell, and Joe Filippone are also a part of the cast.

The story follows Summer (Kippel), unhappy with her boyfriend (Brooks), receives a mysterious email inviting her out to a spiritual obstacle course. Summer gathers her four friends (Patterson, Breier, Brown, Patterson), each battling a dilemma of their own, to drive to the Sedona Desert, where they are promised this “vortex” will improve their lives. They embark on these courses with the help of their uncanny guide Hermes (Filippone), who leads them into a series of unusual practices. Little do they know they are being monitored by mysterious hooded entities, eager to take over their bodies. 

Kippel is represented by Robert Enriquez of Red Baron Management, Grace Patterson is represented by Industry Entertainment and JL David Agency, Breier is with Dreamscope Entertainment, Brooks is represented by GAT Management and Debonair Talent Management Group, Woods is with Sovereign Talent Group, Katz is repped by Buchwald, Knell is represented by Avant Artists, Filippone is represented by Bobby Ball Talent Agency & JSA Management, and Connell is represented by BRS, Gage Talent Agency and Armada Partners.

Production will last for several weeks in Sedona, Arizona and the California desert.

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