Global Indies Form Fremantle-Backed ‘Creatives’ Alliance

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By Max Goldbart

Max Goldbart

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November 22, 2021 1:00am

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Haut Et Court Co-Founder Carole Scotta and Fremantle President of Global Drama Christian Vesper

Nine global indies have joined together to form a Fremantle-backed alliance to create high-end drama series and films.

The Creatives alliance kicks off with a three-year partnership with Fremantle to develop and fund high-quality international projects.

The Creatives is comprised of the likes of France’s Haut Et Court and Unité, U.S. producer Masha and UK’s Good Chaos. Also featured are Netherlands’ Lemming Film, Belgium’s Versus Production, Norway’s Maipo Film, Germany’s Razor Film and Israel’s Spiro.

The group, which has more than 100 films and series in various stages of development or production, will work closely on co-production and strategic partnerships and information sharing, while combining each other’s talent and networks.

A Creatives group statement said the move will “offer writers and directors a home of significant scale where they will benefit from a global approach” while retaining their rights “as much as possible.”

“Nine companies, nine different identities, who want to keep their individuality and their cultures as well as that of the talent they work with,” added the statement.

“We cooperate, we exchange ideas, we develop, we produce, and we maintain our idiosyncrasies.”

The Creatives is similar in scope to The Alliance group of European broadcasters, which was formed by France’s Canal+, Germany’s ZDF and Italy’s Rai to co-produce shows and help compete with the colossal budgets of the streamers.

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