Kwamie Liv – Palm Tree Jungle Lyrics

You, look so beautiful
Waking up all alone in the hotel
We [?]
You, oh look so criminal
All dressed up, hot damn
Who you trynna be tonight?
[?] we got carried away
Out on the floor, can’t blame me for the games
So many, so many people here
Who can we trust with our pain?
Somebody call my wife
Tell her I’m not coming home tonight
Always on the prowl
Titties on the dancefloor
You could be, you could be home with your girls
But you out here in the night, getting by
Trying to get this paper flying high

Right or wrong, we don’t care if it’s right or wrong
Cause everybody knows that
Nothing, no one, touch you, better
Driving down rodeo drive
The sun up in the sky
Palm tree jungle ass around and teach me how to fly
So I pull up on your skirt just to pull down on your jeans
Tell you I’m your girl but you know I’m just your tease
Palm tree jungle ass around and –
Palm tree jungle ass around and –
Imma give you some more you if you give me some more me
Imma take you out to dance, Imma show you that you’re free-

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