Richmond Flowers Joins Range Media Partners As President Of Football And Coaching At Range Sports

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By Justin Kroll

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November 10, 2022 12:24pm

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Range Media Partners

Range Media Partners is continuing to build out its sports division, Range Sports, partnering with Richmond Flowers’ Collective Sports Advisors and tapping Flowers to become the President of Football and Coaching at Range Sports. Flowers will lead the newly formed football division Range Collective, which will serve as the umbrella company for all football verticals.

The partnership between Range Media Partners and Flowers will expand Range’s representation business and provide additional opportunities for Flower’s existing football clients including direct access to Range Media’s suite of services. Range Media Services include TV and Film production and distribution, brand marketing and endorsements, Web 3.0, live-event production, advanced data/analytics, business development and venture capital.

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Since its inception in 2017, Flowers has developed Collective Sports Advisors and QB Collective into one of football’s top representation outfits and coaching incubators. His clients include NFL head coaches Mike McDaniel, Brandon Staley, Nathaniel Hackett and Robert Saleh; coordinators Adam Stenavich, Justin Outten, Ben Johnson, Frank Smith, Patrick Graham and Ejiro Evero; and many position coaches.

Range is investing in QB Collective with Flowers continuing to oversee its operations and expansion.

“Richmond has pioneered a one-of-a-kind coaching representation business via technology, content capture and data coupled with a proprietary training platform for quarterbacks and coaches,” said Will Funk, President of Range Sports. “We’re excited to utilize the full breadth of Range capabilities to accelerate growth of the business and expand into new areas.”

As the only agent to have both played and coached in the NFL, Flowers brings a unique perspective to the industry. His NFL coaching career began as an offensive staff member under two-time Super Bowl-winning head coach Mike Shanahan in Washington while working alongside successful NFL coaches including Kyle Shanahan, Sean McVay, Matt Lafleur and Mike McDaniel.

“Our success as a company is the result of inside perspective — actually living the journey of both an aspiring NFL player and NFL coach and knowing firsthand what each actually needs,” Flowers said. “Range’s culture and commitment to personalized service made it a perfect fit for us. That’s what builds stronger relationships, with more meaning and the winning edge. This partnership provides the opportunity and resources for our clients to have everything they need both on and off the field.”

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