‘SNL’ Promo: Dave Chappelle Jokes “This Week’s Show Will Be So Black, It’ll Be On BET”

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By Bruce Haring

Bruce Haring


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November 10, 2022 5:00pm

Dave Chappelle makes a return to Saturday Night Live this weekend, and did the traditional Thursday show promo with musical guests Black Star and cast member Ego Nwodim.

After discussing his Thanksgiving plans with the assembled in the first skit, Chappelle moved on to promise this week’s SNL will be “so Black, it will be on BET!” The Black Star guys cracked up, as Chappelle quickly clarified, “No, it’ll be here on NBC.”

There was also a nod to the controversial side of the iconic comedian. Nwodim asked whether this week’s show will be live. Yes, everyone agreed, it will be live. “In this news cycle?” she asked. “Yep,” said Chappelle, giving a knowing look to the audience.

This will be Chappelle’s third time hosting SNL in the wake of a US election, so he’ll undoubtedly have a few things to get off his chest on that count.

Watch the video for a sample of what awaits this weekend.

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