‘SNL’: Simu Liu & Bowen Yang Poke Fun At How Far “First Asian” Honors Can Go In Competitive Sketch

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By Alexandra Del Rosario

Alexandra Del Rosario

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November 20, 2021 10:40pm

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Cultural milestones are worth celebrating, but Simu Liu and Bowen Yang’s Saturday Night Live sketch pokes fun at how far they can go.

The Shang-Chi star and the Emmy-nominated SNL cast member came together to reflect on what a notable night it was for Asian representation for the NBC sketch show. Not too long after, each began musing about the various milestones they’ve reached in their career. For Liu, he was the Marvel’s first Asian super hero. For Yang, he was the first Chinese-American Saturday Night Live cast member.

The number of “First Asian” honors and accolades became a matter of fun competition as each started to present their various awards and medals, which each becoming more obscure and ridiculous. Liu brought up his “First Asian Man to Deadpan on Splash Mountain” plaque and Yang brought up his “Good (Asian)” award from the state of Michigan.

As they’re going head to head, more “First Asian” awards come to the dressing room, including Liu’s “First Asian Man To Order A Pick 2” award from Panera. However, a “First Asian Man To Do A Cher Impression On NBC” trophy also comes to the room, but there isn’t a name inscribed on it.

Seeing another opportunity to make “First Asian” history, Liu breaks into song to add to his awards. However, the sweetness of victory is short-lived as Yang reminds him of one little detail.

“Whatever you do,, I’ll always be gay,” Yang teases, as the camera moves to feature a brand new Splash Mountain award for Yang as the “First Gay Asian Man to Deadpan” on the beloved Disneyland ride.

Liu made his Saturday Night Live hosting debut, with Saweetie serving as musical guest.

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