Stu Bangas – Pop Up Lyrics (feat. ILL Bill & Lord Goat)

[Verse 1: Lord Goat aka Goretex]
Detergent Lord, wash your bricks, self service
Like Weird Al, I’m dipped in all green like a surgeon
Make crews nervous, look at the camera laughin’ like Mr. Roper
We sold your sister brown tar, she a dope smoker
Pushed juice to Melle Mel, bottle under the toaster
My face in the Post Office, on the wall is the poster
Bo Derek chicks in corn rows on the sofa
Y’all pussy like tofu cats that watch Oprah
Small timer, like a midget grippin’ the pistol
My custard’s all young bitches in love with the crystal
Sluts like White Kendra, take her arm in the source plant
Like Bad Lieutenant, pullin’ over mommies on off-ramps
It’s the Meat Locker, baby Ice Man, make your corpse dance
This beat like a slaughter house the altar when I call [fams?]
Keep the grip with the bananas on…
‘Cause new cats are just pussies on Xanax when the cameras on
Ayo, my plug threw it all in the sin-sack
Like black flag, throwin’ TV parties with 6-packs
You on stage in your man’s jersey
You never pop up, ya scared to get your hands dirty
Pop up Gore’, I’ll pop you with your pop-up store
You get mopped up and shot with the Mossberg, raw!

Check it!
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!

[Verse 2: ILL BILL]
Billy Bolero, get dinero with pistol hold’
The Pyrex hiss like a cobra when I whip the yola
Sizzle then pop, the smoke from the pistol is hot
Blow crystals off the nipples of thots
The hottest shit they could ever say, I already said
And said it better on a better beat, again and again
My llamas eat you like piranhas leave you arm-less
Chop you up like shawarma or chopped cheese in Harlem
Allah is [garden?] like Mafia Harvard
Like NYU for goons, like [G] for Spartacus
Grab a seat, open a book, won’t hurt you to look and listen kid
Matter fact you might learn somethin’ quick
Pop up raw, with Gore’ at your pop-up store
You get mopped up and shot with the Mossberg, whore!

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