Tom Sizemore Mourned By His Friends And Fans, Praised For His Transcendent Talents

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By Bruce Haring

Bruce Haring


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March 3, 2023 9:23pm

Tom Sizemore
Touchstone Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

Although it was news for a few days that Tom Sizemore’s family was making “end of life” decisions, his final demise on Friday night still was a shock for those praying for a miracle.

Sizemore was once one of the hottest actors in Hollywood before his career was derailed by substance abuse, and his friends remembered that talent in the social media posts that came after the official announcement of his death.

His legancy includes his performances in Saving Private Ryan, Heat, Natural Born Killers, Enemy of the State, and Bringing Out The Dead.

Some of the early reactions:

Our friend #TomSizemore left us today. He has saved @theasylumcc universe countless times from aliens to giant sharks. He was always cast as the hero, because he was always a hero to us. #RIP.

— David Michael Latt (@DavidMLatt) March 4, 2023

One of my first films was with Tom Sizemore. A bon vivant and great actor. God bless him.

— Wendell Pierce (@WendellPierce) February 28, 2023

You were an incredible actor RIP Tom Sizemore

— Michael Matteo Rossi (@MichaelMatteoRo) March 4, 2023

“You know for me, the action is the juice.” Wishing Tom Sizemore the peace and rest that was so elusive for him on this Earth.

— Richard Roeper (@RichardERoeper) March 4, 2023

Am saddened to hear of Tom Sizemore’s end of life – his family has my prayers – Tom and I were friends I knew of his suffering & his struggle with Addition – he was a terrific talent – Many families suffer from the heartbreak and tragedy of this disease and we do not do enough!!

— Robert Davi (@RobertJohnDavi) February 28, 2023

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